Spirit Airlines Corporate Office Headquarters

  •    6542, 2800 Executive Way, Miramar, FL 33025, United States.
  •    (954) 447-7920
  •    Mon – Fri: 09:00 Am – 05:00 Pm
  •    https://www.spirit.com
  •    customersupport@spirit.com

Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier based in the USA, and it offers services to the Caribbean, Latin America, and domestic destinations. The airline was founded in 1983. The growth trajectory and success of Spirit Airlines are significantly influenced by its corporate office.

The Spirit Airlines Corporate Office is in charge of controlling the airline’s operations, handling its finances, and making sure it is performing up to expectations. In order to promote the airline’s brand and broaden its client base, the corporate office also undertakes efforts to create and execute the airline’s marketing strategies. 

The Spirit Airlines Corporate Office ensures that the airline complies with all federal laws and safety requirements. For the airline to run safely and effectively, the office collaborates closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other governing organizations.

The management of the airline’s interactions with its stakeholders, such as its staff, clients, and shareholders, is another important responsibility of the corporate office. The well-qualified professionals at the office strive to make sure the airline is serving the needs of its stakeholders and that their issues are immediately handled.

In this way, the corporate office works to maintain the company’s performance and competitiveness in the fiercely competitive airline sector. It plays a crucial part in making sure the airline succeeds. 

Spirit Airlines Corporate Office Address

The Spirit Airlines Corporate Office is suitably located at 6542, 2800 Executive Way, Miramar, FL 33025, United States.

Spirit Airlines Corporate Office Phone Number

The travel representatives may be contacted at the Spirit Airlines Corporate Office Phone Number, which is (954) 447-7920.

Spirit Airlines Corporate Office Email

The corporate office’s email address is not provided on the Spirit Airlines website. Customers can contact them on Twitter by posting a tweet and tagging @SpiritAirlines, or a Direct Message can also be sent.

Spirit Airlines Corporate Office Map Location

Spirit Airlines Headquarters Office Overview

Phone Number: (954) 447-7920

Fax Number: NA

Working Hours: Mon – Fri: 09:00 Am – 05:00 Pm

Official Email: customersupport@spirit.com

Founder Name: Ned Homfeld

Founding Year: 1983

Founding Location: Miramar, United States

Number of Employees: 11,000

Key People: Robert L. Fornaro, CEO

Official Website: https://www.spirit.com

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Spirit Airlines Headquarters Executive Team

Robert L. FornaroCEO & Director
Edward M. Christie IIIPresident, CFO & Director
John BendoraitisExecutive VP & COO

FAQs On Spirit Airlines Corporate Office

Here are some common queries about the Spirit Airlines Headquarters Office. Don’t forget to take a look.

What is the Spirit Airlines Corporate Office Address?

The address of Spirit Airlines Corporate Office is 6542, 2800 Executive Way, Miramar, FL 33025, United States.

What is the Spirit Airlines Corporate Office Phone Number?

In case of any queries, you may contact travel experts at the Spirit Airlines Corporate Office Phone Number, which is (954) 447-7920.

What is the Spirit Airlines Corporate Office Email Address?

There is no email listed for the corporate office. The team of professionals can be reached using their Twitter handle i.e., @SpiritAirlines.

Who is the CEO of Spirit Airlines?

Edward M. Christie III serves as the President, CEO, and Director at Spirit Airlines.

How many employees work at Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines has approximately 11,000 employees.

11 thoughts on “Spirit Airlines Corporate Office Headquarters

  1. Navada Brantley says:

    My Name is Navada Brantley, and I have a. complaint for a flight that I didn’t make because of a employee by the name of Flores in the Miami Airport. I need to be contacted by someone please. 786-399-0125

  2. Absolutely horrible. Spirit cancelled my flight out of nowhere on august 3, 2023 from NY to SC and said I cancelled it. They will not return my money, I am now going to court because due to this cancelled flight I had to fly Southwest Airlines from another state and incurred another flight cost, find a place to stay, and a car to drive NC to SC to attend my property closing! They also charged me 90 dollars for my medical bag last year. It’s no wonder they settled a law suit for 8.5 million in August!! Ridiculous

  3. Susan McCarthy says:

    Your cancellation policy is not at all competitive with other airlines. I had my daughter, her friend and my granddaughter booked. Her friend has seizure issues and knows when there is a potential for a seizure sometimes within days. Unfortunately, that is the case for the travel coming up on Saturday. I canceled just the friend, where I paid $148 for the original ticket and was credited $26.90. Your competitor, Jetblue, allowed me to use that ticket for future travel. With that being said, this is why I will no longer book with Spirit.

  4. Grace Park says:

    I fly with Spirit Airlines at least 3 times a year because of affordable fare and for convenience. Although prices are good, I normally dread flying with Spirit due to rudeness of flight attendant and customer service. But it changed my conception when I flew from BWI to Cap-Haïtien, Haiti on October 10. I had the best experience with the flight attendant name Carlos Martinez. He was kind, funny and interactive. It was full flight, but he made it enjoyable, What are difference one person can make for the whole company customer service. I really wanted to appreciate Carlos for being such a wonderful person and doing his work to the upmost dedication. Please award him for his fantastic work he is doing now, making his customers smile and cheerful. Now, I will try to enjoy Spirit flight knowing a person like Carlos is working for you. Thank you so much, Carlos. You are my HERO.

  5. Teresa Wilson says:

    My recent flying experience with spirit airlines was terrible customer service skills with some of the employee was oh how can I say it. Caring I am on professional that attitude. Where is terrible? There needs to be something done and I as I was there trying to weigh my luggage. It was another customer that had the same experience. She was so upset. She was in tears and she said she had never been treated so terrible in her life as something really needs to be done about you guys I’m saying one price online and we purchased to take it. There is something else the young men semi going and coming purchase at my table is 200 and something plus dollars and that included both of my luggage the one that goes on and eat and Niki Rihanna that was not the case I had to pay $99 going $99 coming back Plus a additional $69 for my luggage. I was not happy I don’t like being lied to, and I don’t like being taken advantage of I would never ever fly with Spirit again you guys are terrible terrible terrible. Don’t care about the way your customers are being treated And have the worst employees ever. I am professional, very unprofessional that need much customer service skill training.

  6. Good evening, My name is Teresa A Wilson Davis. I wrote a complaint, actually a week ago today about my experience book on spirit airline.In which , was horrible customer service skills were terrible reservation clerk assured me that all my bags was included in my ticket.. IT WAS’NT.!!! I don’t like being lied to. Then to get there at the airport I had to pay $99 going in $99 coming back which was unacceptable. Help me something needs to be done about the lies and appetizers at you guys put on those commercials are boss advertising the water price and you know to get people to watch purchase taken and wants to go purchase taking your spinning damn near almost $300 for a round-trip ticket in which it is not fair so I’m just letting you know my experience with the guys was terrible I was lied to by the reservation is clerk, that know me set up my ticket, and I am, I was not happy, and still to this day nobody has responded from corporate

  7. Gita Verma says:

    I went on vacation to Costa Rica on Spirit Airlines. On the return on November 27, 2023 the flight was delayed due to maintenance not being able to control the temperature inside the aircraft. The flight I was travelling on was NK 338 from SJO Costa Rica to FLL Florida. On reaching FLL the flight was on ground for several minutes waiting for a gate to be available. I had of course missed my connection from FLL to CLT. I got up from my seat to ask a question from the flight attendant. The moment the flight attendant saw me standing she started yelling at me to be seated. The aircraft was at a standstill and seat belt sign was NOT on. I did not understand the reason for the flight attendant yelling at me. Told the attendant that there was no need to yell, I could perfectly understand if she spoke calmly but the yelling became even louder. The entire aircraft heard the yelling. I could not get the name of this flight attendant but can describer he. She was a heavy set white blonde lady with hair parted in the middle. I would strongly recommend you training your staff on how to deal with passengers. I have been an airline employee myself for over 15 years and we were trained by the motto “the customer is always right” In this case I failed to understand why the attendant was yelling even when I had NOT violated any rules. Please do take action on this staff, either train her better or fire her. This is not good for your airline’s reputation.
    This was the very first time I tried Spirit Airways and rest assured it will be the last time. Never will travel Spirit airlines and will spread the word to family and friends to avoid travelling Spirit Airlines.

  8. Dale Jones says:

    How does Spirit Airlines approach community engagement and corporate social responsibility, and are there any upcoming initiatives or partnerships that the airline is excited about?

  9. Owen Lauren says:

    In terms of route expansion, can you provide insights into the criteria Spirit Airlines considers when selecting new destinations, and are there any regions the airline is particularly focused on?

  10. Horrible services, wasn’t able to make a flight because of employee. They then said I no showed whole time I was at the airport, while on the phone with a rep. And they still said that I was unable to get a refund, but yet asked if I wanted to keep my return flight told them no why, would I need go head and cancel and just refund my money was to that I was only entitled to $33.08 which would be credit to my account, when my flight was over $700. This company is a rip off and stealing peoples money. Only company I know with bull shit ass policy to keep peoples money. The CEO and the shareholders needs to be held accountable. They are collecting big bonus and living large off of mishaps or unexpected things which is really sad.

  11. Cesar Samarzia says:

    The Spirit app and website are garbage. You can only book flights, you can’t change them though. I called to change my flight that cost me $150 and they wanted to charge me $489. Insane! its like doing business with loan sharks.

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