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South Korea is a country where traditions blend with modernity, modern skyscrapers meet ancient temples, and K-pop rhythm blends with traditional drum beats, attracting tourists from all over the globe. So, if you are someone who is yearning to explore the vibrant streets of Seoul, the serene temples of Busan, or the breathtaking beaches of Jeju, the journey begins with choosing the best Airline.

Choosing the right Airline for your journey can be a task. But look no further. Here, we will discuss the best airlines to provide the best experience for your trip to South Korea.

List of Best Airlines to Fly to Korea

Many airlines in the market provide the best travel facilities, but we have listed some of the best airlines to make your journey comfortable. So, let’s get started.

Korean Air

Korean Air, the flagship carrier of South Korea, has been a favorite among travelers seeking the best airlines to South Korea. Their commitment to passenger comfort is exceptional. There are many cities where you can catch a flight to South Korea. Some are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, and Seattle.

Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines is South Korea’s second-largest major Airline besides Korean Air. Its primary operating hub is Incheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea. This Airline ensures you get a glimpse of Korea before you land there. The flexible seating in all classes, delicious food, and great hospitality. You can easily catch a flight from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Honolulu.

United Airlines

United Airlines offers a seamless journey for US travelers who want to explore South Korea. It has earned its reputation as one of the best airlines to fly to Korea from the United States. Their modern fleet and top-tier in-flight amenities are committed to giving passengers a wonderful experience. The Business class offers lie-flat seats that ensure comfort on long-haul flights to Korea. The major US hubs of United Airlines include San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, which provide direct flights to Korea, making it convenient for travelers from various parts of Korea.

Delta Airlines

Renowned for its Southern charm and hospitality, Delta Airlines offers passengers a distinct experience. Its commitment to innovation and passenger empowerment is a game-changer. With the Delta app, passengers can easily manage their trip. From checking flight status and accessing in-flight entertainment from their devices, this airline gives a touch of the future, enhancing your travel journey. Delta’s in-flight menu offers a regional taste giving you a sense of home when you fly to a New horizon. Its non-stop flights from the cities of Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta provide unique gateways to Seoul.

Air France

Flying with Air France is like taking a mini vacation in France before reaching Korea. It provides an enticing offer: a layover in the iconic City of Lights, Paris. This is a good opportunity to add a European touch to your Asian adventure. Travel with Air France is luxury-defined. From private suites in the sky, gourmet meals prepared by the chefs and attentive service make your journey smooth and royal. And if you want the best business class option, this airline won’t disappoint you. New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, and Washington are some cities that provide flights from the US to Korea.

Lufthansa Airlines

Being Europe’s largest airline, Lufthansa airlines has made a name for itself among international travelers. No matter how long your flight is, the comfortable seating and the personal space you will get are enough to make your journey smooth. Apart from that, you get many food and beverage options along with entertainment. You can easily board a flight from New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, or Los Angeles.

Air Canada

Air Canada is the flag carrier and the largest airline in Canada. With proper seating, you will get a foldable headrest for better sleeping as well as a sanitized, pre-packed comfortable pillow and blanket. There is beautiful lightning for the passengers to ease jet lag and enjoy their time. It has a very good staff to help you out throughout your journey. The cities of New York, Seattle, Atlanta, LA, Chicago, Washington, Boston, and San Francisco will easily help you get an Air Canada flight to Korea.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is a major airline in the USA and the fifth largest airline in North America. Its first class has more spacious seating than any other US airline and offers a dedicated flight attendant. You can enjoy free complimentary food and drinks on this airline.

People Also Ask!

Which airline is best to fly to Korea?

The best airlines are fly to Korea are Asiana Airlines, Korean Air and Delta Airlines.

Is Korean Air better than Asiana?

Both airlines provide passengers with the best facilities. However, Korean Air provides a better route network and travel credit cards to US travelers.

What are the best months to fly to Korea?

They are between March and May when cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

How far is South Korea from the USA by plane?

The shortest distance between South Korea and the USA by flight is 6437.57 miles.

How many hours is the flight from the USA to Korea?

The flight between the USA and South Korea takes 13 hours and 40 minutes on average.

Is Asiana a budget-friendly airline?

Yes. It is one of South Korea’s most affordable airlines.

How can I go to Korea from the USA?

If you are a US citizen planning a trip to Korea, you will need a valid passport at least 6 months before it expires.

How do I get to Seoul from the US?

You can go to Seoul from the United States by plane and train, which takes around 15 and 39mins and costs around $600- $1600.

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