Does Rain Delay Flights: Truth Or Myth?

Does Rain Delay Flights

Rainy weather creates a beautiful atmosphere. But for some, it may become a nuisance if they have travel plans scheduled for the day. With muddy roads, slippery paths, and long traffic jams, rain has a bad reputation for ruining holiday trips for many. Do you avoid getting on flights in the rainy season because of the very reason of frustration from delay? But does rain delay flights in reality? Let’s explore the truth behind it. If your flight might get canceled due to the extreme weather, consider knowing about the effect of rain on flights or air travel.

Do Planes Fly In Rain?

You don’t have to worry if you are concerned about whether the aircraft can withstand the weather conditions and fly in the rain. Modern airplanes are designed with high technology to bear intense weather conditions. When it comes to rain, airplanes fly in those grey clouds and the damp atmosphere. The real concern is the challenges pilots face during these hard weather conditions, which brings us to our next topic.

Rain And Its Effect On Flights

Do flights get canceled for rain? Well, rain doesn’t cause flights to be delayed or canceled per se. When the weather takes a violent turn, shaping grey rainy clouds into black thunderous ones is when the problem arises. Rain does pose some issues that make steering through the air difficult for pilots and cause delayed flights. If your flight is delayed due to rain, these must be the obvious problems faced by pilots while traveling, taking off, and landing:

Poor Visibility

During rain, the sky is filled with dense grey clouds, making it difficult to guide the plane through the fog. Pilots must take extra care while landing or taking off in rainy seasons to prevent accidents leading to delayed flights.

Slippery Runways

Rain makes not only roads but also air travel dangerous. The runways at the airport become slippery due to rain, which can cause the plane to skid and crash. In rainy circumstances, pilots must be extra careful while taking off and landing, even if it means delaying the flights by some minutes or hours. In extreme situations, flights may get canceled due to rain or thunderstorms.


Have you experienced a sudden shaking of the airplane while traveling and started feeling anxious that your plane was about to crash? When accompanied by rain, strong winds create this scary event called turbulence. These strong winds make the aircraft unstable and difficult to control, which causes flights in rain to be delayed.

Aircraft Performance

Rain can cause aircraft to function less effectively, leading to delayed flights. Issues like rainwater collecting on the airplane’s wings could cause erosion and poor control. Moreover, rain in cold weather may cause aircraft to halt and require more flying fuel. All these factors affect the airplane’s performance, which can cause flights in rain to be delayed.

Does Rain Cause Flight Delays?

Will rain delay a flight? Rain is not the only one to blame. Several other weather conditions do more harm to the airplane than delayed flights due to rain. They are thunderstorms, snowstorms, and hurricanes. These weather conditions disbalance the aircraft and make it hard for the pilots to control. These weather conditions can go far from delaying flights by several hours to even posing life threats.

Rain Cause Flight Delays

Most of the airlines have control centers connected with the meteorological department. These control towers ensure safe flight by navigating dangerous weather zones and directing the pilots to safer routes. Flights are canceled for good only when severe weather conditions can’t be avoided.

The Rainy Season Challenge Accepted

It will hurt if you cancel your flights at the last moment after so much preparation and spending money. You need not worry, though, as flights rarely get canceled due to rain. Aircraft are handled by professional pilots who are thoroughly trained in all conditions to navigate in the air with precision. Hence, they are ready for any weather challenge. Airlines provide their passengers with essential services like food and accommodation to reduce inconvenience if the flights are delayed. You can also claim compensation for flights that are delayed for more than 3 hours.

What To Do When Facing Delayed Flights?

Delayed flights are frustrating and dampen your excitement and enthusiasm, especially when they make you wait at the airport for hours. In adverse situations, where you must wonder whether rains lead to snowfalls and snowfalls lead to flight cancellations, you must wait patiently as the airlines will inform you prior and resolve flight issues as quickly as possible. Here are some things to remember when traveling to minimize issues from delayed flights due to rain.

Facing Delayed Flights

Be Early

You may think being early will be even more boring and frustrating, but arriving early at the airport during rain saves you from the hectic and exhausting jam on flooded roads. This way, you can complete other essential tasks like parking, check-ins, baggage allowance, and security checks without hurry.

Come Prepared

You must pack your traveling bag while keeping weather conditions and the possibility of flight delay in mind. Essential items such as medicines, extra clothing, emergency first-aid kit, portable chargers, snacks, books, and other things come in handy if heavy rain delays flights.

Stay Updated About Your Flight

During bad weather conditions, it is good to keep checking your flight updates. It helps you prepare in advance if rain delays your flights. If, in any circumstance, your flight gets canceled due to severe weather conditions, you can contact the airline for assistance with accommodation and alternate flight arrangements.

Claim For Flight Compensation

The EU regulation 261 allows airline passengers to claim compensation in case of delayed or canceled flights. According to EU law, you can claim compensation if flights are delayed for 3 hours or more.

FAQs About Cancel Flights In Rain

Can planes fly in the rain?

Yes, planes can withstand heavy rain as they are designed with modern technology that allows them to function well with little to no damage in bad weather conditions.

How does heavy rain affect flight?

Heavy rain causes poor visibility, slippery runways, and turbulence, making it hard for the pilots to control the aircraft. When raining during winter, aircraft take more flying fuel, lowering aircraft performance.

Does heavy rain delay flights?

Heavy rain increases the risk of air accidents due to poor visibility and slippery runways if not operated with caution. Hence, flights get delayed by a few minutes to ensure safe travel.

What is the EU Regulation 261?

The EU regulation 261 empowers flight passengers to claim compensation for flights canceled or delayed by more than 3 hours.

Is it safe to travel on a flight during rain?

Safety is ensured while traveling with flights. Airlines in today’s world are equipped with modern aircraft that can withstand almost any weather conditions, from heavy rains to hurricanes. The pilots of these aircraft get hard training to steer skillfully through bad weather conditions.

Does heavy rain cause turbulence?

Rain doesn’t cause turbulence unless strong winds accompany it. Turbulence occurs when a sudden change in wind direction or air pressure occurs.

Do flights take off in rain?

Flights rarely get canceled due to rain. Flights take off in the rain, but they do so cautiously to reduce the chances of accidents because of poor visibility and slippery runways.

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