Best Airline To Fly To Scotland

Best Airline To Fly To Scotland

If you are a Harry Potter fan and want to relive the land of magic, Scotland might be on your bucket list of the places you want to visit. The land of unicorns, Scotland, is a majestic place to be at, leaving travelers with a fantastic feeling. If you plan a trip to Scotland via air, here is a list that will help you choose the best airline to fly to Scotland.

What Airlines Fly To Scotland From The States?

A range of commercial and private airlines offer rides to Scotland from states. Only a few are considered best for the route between states and Scotland. This blog mentions airlines that provide passengers with a decent, safe, and comfortable air ride to Unicorn Land, Scotland. With the help of information available here, you can book your dream flight to Scotland.

United Airlines

United Airlines has the most extensive global flying network, making it a favorable airline to visit any destination globally. United is flying direct flights daily for the Scotland route from the States. Most United flights fly from New York City airports like Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). When in Scotland and you wish to travel back to the States, you can visit the United Airlines office in the Edinburgh airport and get assistance there.

British Airways

British Airways is a sophisticated ride to Scotland from the States. The airline is famous for its British charm and the elegance of its air service. With British Airways, flying to Scotland is filled with class and luxury, and it is best if you are flying in business class. With British Airways, you will find flights to airports in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. The best part is that BA offers luxury and cheaper flying options and offers many promotional fare deals. So you can check with the airline representatives/ employees before booking your flight.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Airlines is a favorable choice for airlines that fly to Scotland. KLM Airlines offers a seamless connection to the Scotland grounds from the States. What makes this airline preferable is the capacity of the airline to take fliers effortlessly to their destinations. One of the best features offered to flyers by the Airlin is its audible baggage tag feature that provides a live update of the luggage’s whereabouts. Flyers leaning towards flying with KLM Airlines can check the airline information online or contact the KLM head office for the necessary information.

JetBlue Airlines

Jetblue Airways Corporation, aka Jetblue, is famous for its price-friendly air rides. Jetblue is a major airline in the United States that offers flights arriving in Scotland from the States. The airport where you will find Jetblue’s direct flight to Scotland is John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York City. Your flight from JFK airport will land at the airport in Edinburgh, Scotland. Do check with your airline to stay updated on the current flights running.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is running nonstop flights between the states to Scotland. Being the first airline to introduce personal entertainment for flyers in all classes of air travel makes the experience of flying to Scotland with VS Airlines fun. You will find flights from major state cities like Orlando, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Tampa, Miami, Seattle, and more to Edinburgh Airport in Scotland. If you are in Tampa, visit the office of Virgin Atlantic Airlines and get the travel-related help you need. Also, you can ask the staff to guide you with bookings to Scotland from other cities in the States.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is flying to Scotland with lucrative offers, including flight packages and hotels for roundabout trips. These packages run by Delta Airlines are very pocket-hugging, making Delta one of the best contenders when choosing to fly to Scotland from the States. Delta’s major hubs in Scotland are the Glasgow Airport (GLA) and Edinburgh Airport (EDI). Delta Air’s options when booking a flight to Scotland from the States are direct and nonstop flights.

Aer Lingus

If you love Irish Hospitality, Aer Lingus Airlines is a suitable flying option. Aer Lingus Airlines is the best airline to fly to Scotland as it flies you quality and direct flights to Scotland from the States. Aer Lingus has a unique in-flight experience that will make your journey with them memorable. If you wish to travel with the airline, check/visit the airport office of Aer Lingus in Newark, New Jersey. The friendly and competent staff of the airline office will serve your travel needs the best.

Readers May Ask!

Are there direct flights from the United States to Scotland?

Yes! Some airlines will fly you directly from the States to Scotland. In New York, you can hail a flight with Delta or United Airlines to Gaslow, Scotland.

Are there nonstop flights from the United States to Scotland running?

Yes! Airlines like Delta, Jetblue, Virgin Atlantic, and more fly nonstop from the US to Scotland.

Is there a favorable time when the prices are low to visit Scotland from the States?

Yes! If you wish to travel from the States to Scotland, prefer the months from November till March as per the prices of air tickets, which is the cheapest time to fly to Scotland than the rest of the year.

Are there any cities where the most direct flights to Scotland from the states are from?

Yes! Most direct flights to Scotland are from the US cities of New York, Chicago, Orlando, Boston, Washington DC, and Atlanta.

Which Airport operates the major direct flights for the route from the US to Scotland?

JFK & EWQ (New York), ORD (Chicago), MCO (Orlando), and BOS (Boston) are the airports offering flyers with the major direct flights operating the route of Scotland from the states.

What are the main airports in Scotland?

Scotland has seven airports: Edinburgh Airport, Glasgow Airport, Prestwick Airport, Aberdeen Airport, Inverness Airport, and Dundee Airport, which handle commercial and cargo flights.

How long is a flight to Scotland in time taken when flying from the States?

The flight from the States to Scotland takes an average of 8 hours and 59  minutes of flight time.

Where to fly to in Scotland? Is there a popular city or airport which is the most visited place when flying from the States?

Yes! Edinburgh Airport and Glasgow Airport are the most visited and popular among passengers flying from the states.

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