Best Airline To Fly To Switzerland From USA

Best Airline to Fly to Switzerland

Are you surfing the internet to find the best airline to fly to Switzerland? Then, this blog is for you. The information available here caters to the list of airlines known best for flight services to Switzerland from the States. So book your trip to the country famous for its chocolates and indulge in the divine snow beauty it offers.

Which Are The Best Airlines To Fly To Switzerland From The United States?

Airlines like Swiss International, Delta, United, Lufthansa, and Brussels are taking the spot as the best airlines to fly to Switzerland. You can book your flight to the snowy mountains of Switzerland with these airlines and enjoy the well-deserved vacation you have been craving.

Swiss International Airlines (LX)

Swiss Airlines is on the list as it is the largest airline that serves Switzerland and perfectly connects the chocolate heaven with the rest of the world. Since Swiss is an honorary member of the Star Alliance, it is best to meet the needs and requirements of the passengers.

If you plan to take a Swiss flight to the snowy peaks of Switzerland, you can do it online or visit a ticketing outlet for the airline nearby. Travelers who are in New York City can visit the office of Swiss Airlines in NY and get an idea of the flight plans offered by the airline.

United Airlines (UA)

United Airlines is another alternative for flights that are running to Switzerland. Per its reputation, United offers the best amenities for flyers, making it a reliable flying partner. United Airlines closely connects with Swiss Airlines to deliver the best flying experience when UA flights depart for Switzerland.

The networking of United Airlines, the world’s third-biggest airline, is enormous. Stay in touch with the airline as flight schedules and routes may get terminated, or a new route might suit your needs best. You can check the airline’s flight schedule by contacting the airline executives or visiting the official website. The most popular routes United flies to Zurich are from San Francisco and Chicago.

Delta Airlines (DL)

With Delta and its partner airlines, flyers can book flights to Switzerland. The cities that Delta flies in Switzerland are Zurich and Geneva from JFK airport. DL Airlines is best known for its lucrative package flight deals for round trips among flyers. Delta will soon operate a new flight from Atlanta to Zurich in May 2024.

You can visit the Delta website and register to get notified if any updated deals are running. Flyers in Geneva, home to WHO and the International Red Cross, can visit the Delta Airlines office in Geneva. The team available at the office will cater/address your travel concerts to the best of your knowledge.

Brussels Airlines (SN)

The airline a flyer chooses to fly with solely depends on every individual’s needs as a traveler since everyone has different priorities. Brussels understands this, so they have something for every flyer and offer that hits right and meets the standards. Also, SN airlines is offering cheaper flights to Switzerland.

The cities that Brussels Airlines flies passengers to are Zurich, Geneva, and Lugano in Switzerland. Since Brussels is part of Lufthansa Group, the flight selection opportunities and pool are vast for flyers. Brussels Airlines is a Star Alliance member, which allows you to get perks as a passenger when flying with the airline.

Lufthansa Airlines (LH)

When it comes to flying to Switzerland, Lufthansa is a contender that is equivalent to Swiss International Airlines. If you prefer flying economy, then the services that Lufthansa has more to offer in terms of extra legroom, meals, snacks, and baggage allowance.

Lufthansa offers flights to cities like Bern, Basil, Geneva, Lugano, and Zurich in Switzerland. You can book your economic joyride with the airline to any of these cities. Visitors can visit the office of Lufthansa Airlines in Zurich and get information on all the flights running along with the services bundled in a package.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which city is the best to fly to from the states in Switzerland?

Zurich is the best city to fly to when you are traveling from the States to Switzerland.

Do I need a visa when traveling to Switzerland from the States?

Yes! If you travel/visit Switzerland, a visa is a must.

Can I fly directly from the States to Switzerland?

Yes! You can fly directly from the States to Switzerland with a nonstop or direct flight.

Is there a cheapest month to fly from the States to Switzerland?

The cheapest time to fly to Switzerland is in January, as the flights are economical. 

What type of visa is mandatory for staying more than 90 days in Switzerland?

A National Visa is needed if you intend to stay more than 90 days in 3 month period in Switzerland.

If I stay for less than and upto 90 days in Switzerland, what kind of visa do I need?

A Schengen Visa is necessary for a 90-day or less stay in Switzerland.

What paperwork must be carried when traveling from the States to Switzerland?

A visa and an ID card are necessary when traveling from the States to Switzerland.

What is the popular route from the States to Switzerland?

The most travelled route between the USA and Switzerland is JFK to ZRH airport.

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