Best Airlines to Fly to Hawaii

Best Airlines to Fly to Hawaii

Nestled in the enchanting embrace of the Western United States, Hawaii stands as one of the best airlines to fly to Hawaii. It is an iconic jewel among the world’s most sought-after tourist destinations. This breathtaking archipelago boasts a stunning collection of over 130 volcanic islands, each with its own unique allure and charm.

From the awe-inspiring majesty of active volcanoes to the powdery-white sands of its pristine beaches. From the lush, verdant canopies of its emerald rainforests to the vibrant cultural tapestry woven by its hospitable residents, it casts an irresistible spell on travelers from across the globe. It is not merely a destination; it is a dreamscape realized, an exploration of Earth’s most wondrous creations, an invitation to indulge in the extraordinary.

Finding the Best Airlines to Fly to Hawaii

If you are planning a vacation with your family, friends, or dear ones, here is a recommended list of some of the best airlines to fly to Hawaii.

Hawaiian Airlines

Operating since 1929, Hawaiian Airlines, one of the best airlines to fly to Hawaii has been serving passengers with impeccable flight services. The airline belongs to the Hawaii state of the USA. If you belong to North America, Asia, or South Pacific, you may choose to book a flight with Hawaiian airlines and enjoy a comfortable air journey to Hawaii.

The US Department of Transportation gave it the recognition of the most punctual airline. Hawaiian Airlines flights may be booked from New York, Las Vegas, Newark, Sydney, Melbourne, and more locations to Hawaii.

WestJet Airlines

This low-cost airline belongs to Canada and makes for a perfect choice for budget travellers. It operates convenient flights to Honolulu and Kahului/Maui in Hawaii. Passengers often contact the WestJet Airlines Hawaii office for any enquiry. There are also seasonal flights to Kona and Lihue in the state.

Whether you are heading on a business or leisure travel, you may look forward to a pleasurable flight experience. With a host of services for passengers with special needs, health issues, etc., WestJet airlines ensures addressing all your requirements. You can also avail the facility of travel insurance offered by the airline.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines, one of the best airlines to fly to Hawaii continues to provide travellers with comfortable flight experiences. With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the airline flies to Honolulu, Kahului, Kailua–Kona, Hilo, and Lihue in Hawaii. You can visit the Southwest Airlines Hawaii office in US on their address to follow any procedure or get details.

You may gather details about the airline and consider the same, as it also offers budget flights. If you are looking for special assistance, travel with infants services, or travel with pets services, this airline makes for an ideal choice.

United Airlines

Top-notch services for leisure and corporate travellers make United Airlines a desired name among passengers. You can fly to Honolulu, Kahului, Kona, and Lihue in Hawaii by a United Airlines flight.

Enquiries are handled at United Airlines Honolulu office in Hawaii, including booking, cancellation, name changes etc. You may consider the airline and avail of great services including priority services, United vacations, group travels, credit and prepaid cards, premier access, MileagePlus Program, special deals, and much more.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska is another best airline to Hawaii. The airline has its headquarters in SeaTac, Washington, and it mainly operates flights on the west coast of the United States. Passengers can directly call at Alaska Airlines Honolulu office in Hawaii in case of urgent information.

You can book a flight from the US locations such as Seattle, Portland, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Anchorage, Los Angeles, Boise, Spokane, and Sacramento. Thus, travelling to Honolulu, Kahului, Kona, and Lihue in the state of Hawaii is easier by reserving a flight with Alaska Airlines.

Air Canada

If you need to take a flight from Canada to Hawaii, don’t forget to include Air Canada in your list, as it is also one of the best airlines for Hawaii. Passengers contact the Air Canada Kahului office in Hawaii for any related information. This largest Canadian airline operates flights to major destinations in Hawaii such as Honolulu and Kona.

You may choose to travel from Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary. You may also enroll for the airline’s AEROPLAN program which lets you earn miles. Offering a host of modern amenities and passenger-friendly in-flight services, Air Canada has gained popularity as one of the preferred choices for travellers.

JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Airlines, one of the best airlines to fly to Hawaii injects a fresh perspective into the Hawaiian travel scene, capturing attention with its stylish and contemporary cabins, generous legroom, and complimentary in-flight entertainment. To mail any data to the office you can mail it to JetBlue Airlines Hawaii office email address.

Beyond the aesthetics, JetBlue’s reputation for friendly service and a customer-centric approach resonates well with travelers seeking a comfortable and hassle-free experience. By extending its routes to Hawaii, JetBlue presents an enticing blend of comfort and convenience, elevating your journey to the islands.

Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air has carved its niche by delivering affordable fares, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious travelers heading to Hawaii. Contact Allegiant Air Hawaii office in United States for any queries you have in mind as their primary focus is on serving smaller airports.

Allegiant offers direct flights to the islands from select locations. With an emphasis on cost-effectiveness and accessibility, Allegiant provides a no-frills yet economical option for those eager to experience the Hawaiian paradise without breaking the bank.

Qantas Airways

For Australian travelers, Qantas Airways,one of the best airlines to fly to Hawaii emerges as a notable choice, connecting Sydney to Honolulu with a direct flight. Renowned for its exceptional in-flight service, comfortable cabins, and commitment to passenger well-being, Qantas presents an inviting pathway for Australians to explore the stunning landscapes of Hawaii.

With a reputation built on quality and comfort, Qantas offers a seamless and enjoyable transpacific journey. Get in touch with the Qantas Airways Honolulu office in Hawaii via email for any procedures.

Japan Airlines (JAL)

Japan Airlines, or JAL, provides a direct link between Tokyo and Honolulu, catering to travelers from Japan seeking an easy route to Hawaii. Known for its renowned Japanese hospitality, JAL crafts a travel experience characterized by comfortable seating, a wide range of services, and a commitment to passenger satisfaction.

For queries regarding name change, call Japan Airlines Honolulu office in Hawaii. With its established reputation and comprehensive offering, JAL stands as an inviting option for those embarking on a journey from Japan to the enchanting Hawaiian islands.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines, one of the best airlines to fly to Hawaii renowned for its luxurious offerings and exceptional service, extends its refined touch to journeys connecting Honolulu with Singapore. Catering to travelers from Asia and beyond, the airline crafts an elegant and comfortable experience that resonates with discerning passengers.

Contact the Singapore Airlines Hawaii office for any booking or cancellation related queries. Spacious cabins, premium amenities, and personalized attention make the flight to Hawaii an integral part of the entire travel experience.  It raises the bar for long-haul journeys, providing a taste of luxury that complements the natural splendor of Hawaii.

Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific connects Honolulu with its hub in Hong Kong, offering travelers from Asia and beyond a premium option for their Hawaiian journey. Known for its exceptional service, luxurious amenities, and comfortable cabins, Cathay Pacific, one of the best airlines to fly to Hawaii provides a seamless and sophisticated travel experience. Passengers can anticipate a blend of Asian hospitality and the allure of Hawaii, making their journey as memorable as their destination.

Korean Air

Korean Air serves as a vital link between Seoul and Honolulu, catering to travelers from South Korea. The Korean Air Honolulu office in Hawaii handles enquiries related to lounges, missing luggage etc. With its renowned in-flight service, modern amenities, and expansive route network, Korean Air creates a bridge between two dynamic destinations. Passengers can expect a harmonious blend of comfort and convenience, complemented by the airline’s commitment to excellence.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand, one of the best airlines to fly to Hawaii offers routes to Hawaii from Auckland, providing a convenient connection for travelers from New Zealand. Renowned for its innovative in-flight services, comfortable seating, and distinctive Kiwi hospitality, it sets a high standard for transpacific travel.

Call the Air New Zealand Honolulu office in Hawaii for information. The airline’s reputation for quality service enhances the journey to Hawaii, ensuring that passengers enjoy both the flight and the destination.

China Airlines

China Airlines offers routes to Honolulu from Taipei, serving as a bridge between Taiwan and Hawaii. With its blend of comfortable cabins, attentive service, and diverse amenities, China Airlines provides a suitable option for travelers seeking a smooth journey across the Pacific.

Passengers can also pay their visit to China Airlines Honolulu office in Hawaii for any procedure or details. The airline’s connections and reputation contribute to a travel experience that aligns with the allure of the Hawaiian islands.

Bottom Lines

That was a simple guide to help you find the best airline to Hawaii. As usual, finalizing an ideal airline to the chosen travel destination is not an easy task.

However, you may consider these options, along with your own list that you may already have. If you have a query regarding services or something specifically related to an airline, you can connect with their team through telephone or email. Furthermore, nowadays, travellers are frequently found getting prompt responses to their query by the Twitter team of an airline.

Thus, you can also ask your question in a tweet and tag the handle of the airline you are considering. In this way, you will get a clear reply to take a well-informed decision ahead. Wish you a wonderful air journey to Hawaii.

Best Airlines to Fly to Hawaii (FAQs)

Here are some of the usual queries on the best airlines to fly to Hawaii. Take a look and go ahead with choosing the one suiting best to your requirements.

What is the best airline to fly to Hawaii?

There are several best ones flying to Hawaii. You may choose from Alaska, Hawaiian, Delta, United, Air Canada, Southwest, and WestJet.

What major airlines fly to Hawaii?

Hawaiian, Delta, Japan, and United Airlines are some of the major airlines flying to the state of Hawaii in the USA.

Which airlines fly from Los Angeles to Hawaii?

Delta, Hawaiian, Alaska, and United are some of the airlines that fly from Los Angeles to Hawaii.

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