What Information is Needed to Book a Flight?

What Information is Needed to Book a Flight

Flight booking is one of the major aspects of planning a trip. If you keep traveling frequently, you may have a list of preferred airlines in mind. However, if you travel occasionally, it becomes a little tricky to reserve tickets with an airline that is most suitable for you.

Still, gathering complete information through the airline’s website, or customer support team, or asking some of your known ones who have traveled through certain airlines makes it easier for you. Once you are done with choosing the most appropriate airline for your leisure or business travel, next comes the details required to book tickets.

What Information is Needed to Book a Flight

Read Everything About What Information is Needed to Book a Flight?

When it comes to creating a reservation or even if you are getting it done through a third-party company, one thought that might bother you is what information do you need to book a flight.

Let’s go through the following pointers on what info do you need to book a flight.


You must have definitely decided on the preferred dates of travel to the selected destination. You need to enter where are you going to visit from and your travel destination. Also, the number of passengers (adults and children) will be required.

You may look for only departure or return trip, as per requirement, so as to view filtered data as per the availability of flights on selected dates. This data is important because it enables the airline to assess the number of available flights and adjust your flight schedule accordingly.

Basic Details

You must provide specific information prior to booking a flight. You are required to enter your contact information and personal data, including your full name, birth date, and address. For the airline to recognize you and contact you about your journey, they need this information to identify you.

Special Services

You also need to include the type of special assistance, if needed on board or at the airport before catching your flight. These services could be the arrangement of wheelchairs, medical equipment, certain diet food, crew help on board, and much more.

You must be aware that it depends from one airline to another what type of special services they provide. Also, some airlines may not provide the option of choosing special services at the time of booking. So, you can contact their customer support team to confirm the same and book them in advance. Be careful as booking these services at the end moment could be a hassle.

Pets on Board

This is another detail you may need to consider as per your query about what info do I need to book a flight. If you wish to carry your pets like small dogs or cats with you, you may provide such details. If the options for the same are not provided, you may get in touch with the customer team of the airline to make a booking beforehand.

Payment Details

Additionally, you must supply your preferred payment method, a credit card or debit card, when you book a flight. To process your payment and confirm your reservation, the airline needs this information. If you are booking an overseas ticket, you could also be asked to give more details, such as your passport information.

Now again, some airlines may allow you to enter your passport number at a later stage if you don’t have the same at that moment. You may seek assistance from the customer care team of your airline for the same.


We hope to have provided you with a suitable answer to your query on the info needed to book a flight. While booking a flight, you must enter your personal information like your name and contact information, trip itinerary, which must include the destination and dates, payment information, and any special needs. 

In order to avoid any trouble or delays with your travel plans, it is significant that you submit precise information. You may have a smooth and stress-free booking experience by giving all the required information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Take a quick look at these commonly asked questions on What Information is Needed to Book a Flight in order to stay informed and prepare accordingly.

What details are required to book a flight?

You are required to search flights by entering your dates of travel, be it only the departure date or you may choose the return trip by also entering the arrival date. Then you need to enter your personal information like your name and contact information, payment information, and any special assistance services that you may need to avail.

Do I need date of birth to book a flight?

Yes, the date of birth is one of the personal details required by the airline in order to recognize you. So, you must provide the same while booking a flight.

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