Can Airline Pilots Have Beards And Tattoos?

Can Airline Pilots Have Beards And Tattoos

The aviation industry is an altogether different world. Several stories related to airlines and their procedures often remain in talks. Passengers are also seen sharing a lot on social media about their fascinating air journeys. And then there are pilots and crew members who have their own tales to tell.

There are theories regarding the fads that pilots or crew follow. You must have seen them with beards and tattoos. This has been a topic of concern and you will find various stories doing rounds on the Internet.

Can Airline Pilots Have Beards And Tattoos

Can Airline Pilots Have Beards And Tattoos Being on Duty?

Well, if you are also thinking about becoming a pilot but are unsure if you can have a beard or tattoos, the good news is that there isn’t a particular prohibition against it. Although most airlines have a dress code guideline in place outlining the appropriate appearance of their pilots, they do not expressly forbid tattoos or facial hair.

It’s crucial to keep in mind nevertheless that several airlines might have their own preferences. For instance, some airlines could allow beards that are properly groomed while others would not. Also, some airlines could let pilots have a little tattoo, while others might demand that they cover it up at all times.

Professionalism and safety are generally prioritized over anything else in the airline sector. In light of this, it’s essential that you maintain your beard and tattoos if you decide to have them.

In the view of your passengers or colleagues, your look shouldn’t distract them from your work. Also, you must not look as if you are not following professionalism at the workplace.

Moreover, if you want to work as an airline pilot, it’s important to conduct your homework and learn about the specific policies of the airline you are interested in joining. By doing this, you can prevent unpleasant surprises or miscommunications both throughout the employment process and once you start working.

What Airlines Allow Pilots to Have Beards?

Policies related to everything vary from one airline to another. Air Canada, Hawaiian, and Southwest are some of the airlines that allow pilots to have beards. However, they have certain guidelines associated with what they allow. Some airlines have defined the size and style that can be maintained so as to keep a pleasant personality.

Why Can’t Pilots Have Beards?

As per some airlines, if pilots have beards and they need to wear oxygen masks, they may not be able to get complete oxygen. This is so because the beard may hamper the path of the oxygen mask seal. Ultimately, it could lead to a major problem, as the pilots need to remain in an active state throughout their flights.

Can Flight Attendants Have Tattoos?

As per the majority of airlines, flight attendants can sport tattoos as long as they are covered, while the attendants are on the job. When they need to wear the uniform on duty, the tattoo must not be visible or should have been covered.

Hence, the face, neck, hands, etc., are some of the prominent areas where the tattoos must not be visible. Flight attendants need to hide them using makeup or through any other potential way.


So, we tried covering important aspects related to can airline pilots have beards and tattoos. Having a beard or tattoos is not specifically forbidden for them, but it’s necessary to maintain them so that they comply with the dress code set forth by the airline.

There should be no problems with having a little personal style as long as you keep a professional image and put safety first. So go ahead, but be mindful to maintain your professionalism at the workplace. 

FAQs On Can Airline Pilots Have Beards And Tattoos

You must take a look at some common queries related to can airline pilots have beards and tattoos, given below.

Can pilots have beards?

Airline pilots are allowed to have beards. It’s just that some airlines may have rules regarding maintaining a particular style of beard, as it should not distract co-workers and passengers. Everything must appear to be professional at work.

Can pilots have tattoos?

Tattoos for pilots are allowed. But, certain airlines might have policies about maintaining a specific tattoo style because it should not look distasteful or unpleasant. Also, some airlines may disallow them completely.

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