What’s the Deal with Airline Food?

What’s the Deal with Airline Food

Airline food has been the target of numerous complaints lately. No wonder, if you have also experienced the same after having food with bad taste on your flight. But what’s the actual matter? Why people are found cracking jokes on airline food and it is so generally hated?

What’s the Deal with Airline Food

What’s the Deal with Airline Food Served on Flights?

The practicalities of serving meals onboard are one of the key reasons why airline food has got an utterly bad reputation. To accommodate everyone, there is a limited amount of time, space, and resources available.

As a result, the meal needs to be prepared in advance and reheated, giving it a less-than-fresh flavor and texture. Additionally, altitude can also have an impact on taste, which can make even delicious food become tasteless.

Furthermore, in order to reduce expenses, airlines have been known to compromise on the quality of their in-flight meals. They may be using less expensive products, serving smaller portions, and providing fewer choices. Some airlines have recently begun charging for meals outright, forcing customers to pack their own food or risk going hungry.

Can the Airline Food be Made Better?

Some airlines have made changes to their menus to include more wholesome, fresh meals. Others have collaborated with well-known chefs to prepare dishes with more flavor. Additionally, several airlines have begun to serve meals that use ingredients that are grown nearby.


Well, this is how we thought of reflecting on whats the deal with airplane food. The limitations of air travel probably impact the quality of food on the flight. It’s unlikely that meals served at a high altitude will ever be of restaurant standard, although there is always room for improvement.

Well, if you are on a short-duration flight, you can eat at the terminal before departure. Wish you all the best for your next flight!

FAQs On What’s the Deal with Airline Food

Here are some queries on What’s the Deal with Airline Food. Take a look.

Why is airline food different?

The food served by airlines tastes different or bland because a dish frequently needs to be prepared in advance and reheated. High altitude can also affect the flavor, and the food becomes tasteless.

Why are airline meals so small?

The airlines prefer to prepare meals that are just enough to satiate the hunger of passengers. Some airlines may also cut down on costs by serving small portions. Well, this could also be a way to prevent food wastage, as many passengers tend to leave food and not consume it completely.

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